I’m busy expressing professional love and passion towards:

  • Statistical modeling of networks with ERGMs based on “partial” network data such as ego-centric samples or aggregate network data (e.g. collected for the Network Scale-Up Method). These will be extremely handy in addressing research questions posed in the PATCHWORK project.
  • Complex network datasets. In particular, assembling them from non-obvious sources in a technically-advanced way. Some say it is Digital Humanities. Examples are projects: Mapping Atlantic Portuguese Empire (MAPE) or Law and Social Networks in Late Antique Aphrodite.
  • The Statnet Suite. I contribute code, documentation, and training. Statnet is a suite of R packages for statistical social network analysis, visualization, and modeling focusing on Exponential-family Random Graph Models.
  • My own R packages, which you can find among the projects.

A mini-CV

COALESCE Lab ∙ Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona ∙ 2022 - present

Chair of Quantitative Methods ∙ Kozminski University ∙ 2018 - present

ICM ∙ University of Warsaw ∙ 2010 - 2018

PhD in Sociology ∙ ICS / Utrecht University ∙ 2012

Institute of Philosophy and Sociology ∙ Polish Academy of Sciences ∙ 2003 - 2005

MA in Sociology ∙ University of Warsaw ∙ 2003

ICPSR Summer Program ∙ University of Michigan ∙ 2002


Michał Bojanowski

Social scientist

How to say my name